Getting Rid of Clutters

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I was surprised that a friend told me that he has to start buying furniture for his room as his girlfriend is moving in with him next month. Was his room empty all this while?

It seems that he has just moved to the house two years ago and thus has not properly furnished it. That came as a shock to me as I would have collected so much stuff in barely a year!Just last week I have to do a spring cleaning to clear all the stuffs I have on my dressing table as I couldn’t find a place to put in my new moisturizer!

I’ve collected tones of skincare and cosmetic stuff that some are way beyond the expiry date. It was hard to decide which one should go into the bin and which one stays and which acne products that work.

And I have to keep reminding myself, hey, I haven’t been using this one for a year; please throw away. :S


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