Holiday is supposed to be fun and a stress booster. But lately I find that holiday can be quite stressful and I often came back feeling more tired than I was before I went for the trip. One of the reason is we always try to visit to all the places during the holiday.
Another thing […]

Yet another baby is born this year. This is from my best friend since 7 years old and I’ve seen her became a teenager; pursued by many boys. Her life as she attended university twice; to pursue her dreams. Her wedding to a her long years boyfriend and finally now a mother.
Her sms of her […]

Will you quit your job and take a break for a couple of months before looking for another job? Well, it is certainly will not be something that I will be doing for now (at least) due to the many commitment I have right now. At least till I pay off my car loan and […]

First Car

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If money is not a problem, which car would you buy? Would you get that sport car or a family car or something more practical?

My brother is finally getting a car this year and he really likes to get a good car. However he does not have so much cash and isn’t too keen to […]

Recently after I talked to my friend about the supplements that she is taking, I felt that I have to do something about my nutrition as well. She was having some knee problem at such young age due to excessive running during her childhood. Well she represented the school in running.

Her doctor recommended some joint […]

Just the other day as my father and I spent some quality time at Tesco (both of us happened to do grocery shopping!), we checked out the LCD TV at the electrical section. He is thinking maybe it is time to upgrade our home theater system speakers but I am not the one who can […]

If you are given a choice, will you run your family business (a shop) or would you prefer to work in an office and be an employee? My friend asked me the other day.

Running a shop is a very different jobs than what she is doing every day in the office; working for people. She […]

Free Time

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Buzz me when you are free; my friend told me over the Yahoo messenger. It seems that she is pretty free at work and at home as well! Sometimes I wish I am like her; having all the time at work and at home but my days has been very occupied!
She is thinking to take up […]

This year, I struggled to think of a thoughtful gift for my Valentine as I shopped on the last minute. Every year, I have this same problem and I told myself that I should planned and shopped earlier instead of getting a last minute lame gift! But I was just too glad that it was […]

When I saw the bed exhibition at the shopping mall the other day, I learn the different measurement for bed sizes. Single bed, super single, queen & king size bed. And the King bed is double the size of single bed size; a must have for me as I am the one who loves to […]