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Just the other day as my father and I spent some quality time at Tesco (both of us happened to do grocery shopping!), we checked out the LCD TV at the electrical section. He is thinking maybe it is time to upgrade our home theater system speakers but I am not the one who can really appreciate these stuffs. 

We saw the new LED TVs and the price was like double the price of the same size LCD TV! He was saying how advanced the new technology is and that it saves more electricity that the previous technology. But it was way too expensive for me! That was like only a month or less ago. 

I checked out the electrical shop nearby my house the other day and was so surprised that the price of LED TV has gone down so much! It is only about 20% to 40% higher than the LCD TV. Some are only a fraction of price difference. 

I think I shall wait as long as I can before I get my TV; to maximise the technology at the lowest price! Just how long can I wait?!


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