Holiday Stress

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Holiday is supposed to be fun and a stress booster. But lately I find that holiday can be quite stressful and I often came back feeling more tired than I was before I went for the trip. One of the reason is we always try to visit to all the places during the holiday.

Another thing is getting the souvenirs. Instead of a nice gesture, now I felt that it is compulsory to get something for my friends and families. And it felt almost like a burden; not having to buy but the effort of getting something suitable and if they will like it or not.

During my HK trip beginning of this year, I spent most of my days searching for the right souvenirs; chopstick, cute road and exit signs magnet and small pouches. I tried to avoid keychain at all cost as I don’t have much use of them as well.

Well, for my next trips, I vow to buy no more souvenirs. Well unless I saw something that someone might really like; or maybe to my closest family members.


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