I am always amazed by people who has silky smooth skin. I am not sure if it is their make up that makes their skin so translucent and smooth or if they are born with the baby soft skin. It is as if they never have a single acne in their life! Not a single […]


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Saying ‘anything’ doesn’t make you flexible.It just show that you are indecisive or lazy to make a decision.
It just show that you are uninterested.
It just show that you are not bothered.
Say something. Make a decision.
It helps!

I waited and waited till I couldn’t wait no more. The queue seemed to be longer and the customers in the restaurants were not budging.
Thus I went to Sasa and Guardian and ended buying some
Vichy starter kit and Simple Regeneration Eye Cream as well as some plasters, axe oil and floss.
And after that I […]

Unsatisified with the first visit, I decided to go again for another scrumptious meal or so I thought. We went to the one at Section 14 after work and reached there around 7.30pm.Since it was raining, we expected that it wouldnt be many people.
But HOLY COW! How wrong we were! The places were full and […]

I guess everyone has heard of the twice annually Sushi King Bonanza especially for the members of the restaurant. As the membership comes cheap at only RM20 and now you get RM20 voucher, calendar and a set of utensils, many people do own the membership.
I went for the sushi lunch yesterday at Sooka near my […]

What do you have in your I-want-list? I always have something in this list; whether it is a new shoes or new sandals, more clothes, or something smaller like hair clip or something big like Téléphones cellulaires; though not as often.
But for the first time now, I have nothing on my list! I have done […]

The recent tsunami in Japan is really terrifying. It shows that human can never stop the natural disaster even with high and strong wall that they build to stop tsunami. It was scary to watch how all these cars were swept off by the strong waves as if they were toy cars.
It makes me wonder […]

All of things that we argued, one of them is whether we should mount the TV on the wall or if we should put it on the cabinet. I always prefer putting on the cabinet as I don’t like to make any hole to the wall, even if it is only a bracket.
What if you […]

As my friend is migrating to Australia soon, I met up with her last week for dinner at Bangsar. I haven’t met her for quite sometimes and she still look stunning. She has so many concern before migrating; as she is following her husband who is relocated for a work. I guess it will be […]

It was a sad story that a 7 year old boy was abused and died in the hand of his teacher. Poor little chap; being 7 years old, hardly seen the world and was taken away in such tragic way. A teacher should be someone that open the window of your world and teach you […]

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