I waited and waited till I couldn’t wait no more. The queue seemed to be longer and the customers in the restaurants were not budging.

Thus I went to Sasa and Guardian and ended buying some

Vichy starter kit and Simple Regeneration Eye Cream as well as some plasters, axe oil and floss.

And after that I went back to the restaurant and waited for another 45 minutes before finally got a seat.

And I guess we were lucky as all the yummy sushi came out during my one hour dining time. We had all these nice sushi : raw salmon, smokes salmon, tuna, baby octopus, ebi prawn, unagi (which was suppose not to be available during the promotion), tempura prawn and fried scallop!

We ate 16 plates of sushi for 2 person and it was cheap and nice! Yummy.. I’ll have to wait till end of this year for another sushi feast! =D


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