And so, during the girls’ night out last Friday we chatted about many topics; men, life, work and weight loss methods! One of the girls is worrying too much about her weight and her wedding is like less than 2 months to go.

All preparations are almost done and she said she can handle them all. […]

I don’t know how some people could be so rich at such young friends and they are not born with silver spoon in the mouth!

One of my friend just bought a huge house and the renovation was awesome. Every room was perfectly designed and there is a small pub at the garage. We were invited […]

My friend has just came back from Korea and she brought back a huge bag full of skincare and cosmetic. According to her, it is dirt cheap over there and the quality is good. She gave some sample to me and ask me to buy if any of my friends is going there again.

However, I […]

So many of my friends have become victim to robbery and theft in their very own house! This makes me really worry about the safety of the city and neighbourhood.
It makes me start to think seriously on how I can protect my home from being a victim and how I could manage my house easily. […]

Women generally are more concern over their skin than their hair. And man, they are more worried about their hair. At least that is my observation all these years.

Many of my female friends spend a lot of time and money on skincare as well as cosmetic. But much lesser money is spent on hairs than […]

According to my friend that condo water supply should be in quite high pressure since the water tank is located at the top of the condo. Well, that makes a lot of sense but we realised that the water in the kitchen is flowing very slowly even if we switch on the tap to maximum. […]

Work is getting a little hectic these days with so many projects and even though our teams are growing double the size it used to be, the projects that are coming in is growing exponentially!

All annual leaves are frozen unless it is a ‘valid’ emergency leave, to be approved by a few managers. I heard […]

This morning I was stucked in a horrible traffic jam! Imagine taking triple the normal duration to reach office than usual. I could have taken a short nap in the car and the lane wouldn’t have budged.
After nearly an hour in that stretch of road, we finally found out that there was a car stalled […]

Not a big fan of soccer, I never knew when the big matches are or which team is playing against which team. I never keep track of the soccer trophies by the winners or who get a yellow or red card.
But with many friends as avid soccer fans, there is always a surge of soccer […]

This year is the first year my good friend S moved to another country to be with her boyfriend. And thus for her mom birthday, she sent her a bouquet of flowers!

And her mom was so touched that she cried. According to S, her mom hasn’t been receiving flowers for  years and was really touched […]

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