Sometimes I am amazed by how some people can just go on talking without stopping at all. They can just find topic in every single things in life. 
I met one of these girls in my recent trip to the down south country. She is a friend of ours who joined the trip with her boyfriend. […]

After many months of busy weekend, I’ve decided to put ‘Watch A Movie’ in my to-do-list for last weekend. I really need a breather as the weekends have been too packed and there’s no time for rest and relax.

And we watched the movie ‘Fast & Furious 5’. I’ve always enjoyed this movie and it has […]

Today I was late to work again. I thought I could reach at 10 am something but I only managed to reach by 11am! Normally I start work at 9.30am. I have to go to the bank at Kepong, which took me longer time that I expected! I sms-ed my team mate that I would […]

I always like flea market as there’s so many things to see there, ranging from woman fashion jewellery and accessories, to old magazines and coins, foods and even bunny! Just anything at all. The price is normally rather low as some of them are second hand stuffs or hand made.
A close friend of mine, who […]

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