Sometimes I like to keep my room window and curtain opened wide to let the cool night breeze came in. It is so nice to sleep and I do not have to switch on the air conditioner. Else it is quite suffocating with the windows closed.

But the thing is I am quite worried to sleep […]

For better or worse; that is what we should do when we are in a relationship. Try to stick it for the better or worse time as in the marriage vow. But if you can’t even stick to it when you are seeing each other, I guess it will be harder in a relationship.
My friend […]

My friend is crazy about his new GPS. As a person who has practically no sense of direction, I think he found a ‘life’ in driving now that he can go to many places on his own. He used to rely on other people for directions and sometimes he would printed out maps and get […]

When I was young, I always have an idea of my dream house. A lovely kitchen with customized cabinets; a large wardrobe for my clothes; a hotel-like-bathroom and  a small garden with wooden swing set.

But now, with the house prices getting steeper and landed house is getting out of my reach; I am not sure if […]