Year in, year out, one of the biggest headache when it comes to this period is getting birthday gifts for my dearest brother and father. Both birthdays are on this month. I’ve got almost everything that I can think of for them all these years.
From shaver to shirts to bags and toiletries; I am just […]

Our government hospital is really very inefficient! My colleague mom is having some thyroid imbalance problem and has to go for scans. And to do the scans, you have to make an appointment with the doctor for the scans. And usually it is after a few weeks or sometimes up to months, depending on the […]

Once my friend found out that she’s pregnant, her husband summoned that she was to quit her job and going back to hometown immediately. Before this, she’s staying alone in the city while her husband and families stayed in the hometown. She loves her job in the city and couldn’t think of any job that […]

Today is Sunday and I spent the whole day cleaning, vacuuming, mopping, scrubbing, wiping my house! It feels good to see everything squeaky clean again and come to think of it, I am pretty good at cleaning the house.

I started at 5.30pm and finally finished at 8.30pm! The floors, furniture’s, window, toilet and my burnt […]

A couple weeks after my friend wedding, she told me that her mom commented that she has gained weight again! Her cheek is rounder and fleshier although I didn’t really notice.
Perhaps she felt that she doesn’t need to be so particular on her food intake as she was before the wedding. Or maybe the dessert […]

I thought I have the worst sense of direction but it seems that I am not the only person with bad directions. My friend was coming to my house the other day as we are going for shopping, something I haven’t done for a while.
I sent her a detailed map on the routes that she […]

And it felt like yesterday when we were all very excited over the wedding of our close friend, Jenna! She was the first girl that got hitched and boy, we didn’t know what to do and had any experience. So it was pretty fun to plan and running around getting the preparation for the grand […]

The property prices has gone up terribly for the past 1 to 2  years. My friend just bought a condominium from an owner who has made about 100k profit within a year by selling off after one year of ownership. It is a crazy time to buy a house; but if we can’t afford to buy […]

This morning while I was driving to work, I was stucked in a slow crawl of traffic jam again. Well, nothing new and I tried to distract myself from being frustrated on the slow moving traffic.

So I focus on the surrounding and noticed this big advertising board by the road side. It has four spot […]