How to own a property?

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The property prices has gone up terribly for the past 1 to 2  years. My friend just bought a condominium from an owner who has made about 100k profit within a year by selling off after one year of ownership. It is a crazy time to buy a house; but if we can’t afford to buy now, I don’t think we can afford to buy in years to come. Property price hardly drop , do they? 

I am so envious of my friend who can build her own house in Canada. It is not a small house, mind you. But a huge double storey house with its own garage. I think she designed the whole place with her husband. It looks just perfect with a large field right next to the house. I wish I am able to design my own house someday, and I might consider metal buildings for my garage. I’ve seen one when I travelled to the states before and they simply look neat!


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