I saw something naughty in my cousin brother bag the other day. He came to stay with us for the weekend as he is picking up his girlfriend from the airport who just came back for business trip. And when I asked him what is his plan as he hasn’t been seeing his girlfriend for […]

 When both my very old dogs, who were over 10 years old died last year, my parents said they have enough of dogs. Though dogs bring much happiness to our home, it was a lot of work taking care of them. Apart from feeding them, you need to clean them, bring them for a walk […]

Last weekend I smelled something funny when I opened the common bathroom in the house. It is not used much, only once in a while when my friends came over. And thus, I only wash it like once a month or when it looks slightly dirty. Why bother washing it when nobody is using? There’s […]

No planning is a bad planning; so I was told when it comes to retirement planning. And too bad that I have bad planning as I have no planning as of now. And I know that it is better to start your retirement planning as early as possible; better yet when you just started working.

But […]

 Back in school, I remembered that we always celebrated Teachers’ Day on May. It was a day we show appreciation to our favourite teacher by getting them a small gift. With our little pocket money, it meant quite a lot to us to buy something for the teacher. I always get them a bar of […]

And it felt like not so long ago when I was searching for the right costume for my annual dinner last year. Now is the time to start searching again! The theme for this year annual dinner is the service-line-costume!  This time I think I shouldn’t spend anymore on costume that I would only wore […]

It is amazing how much you’ll learn something when you have hands-on over it or involve in some projects. For example a car; you wouldn’t know or care less about what is under the hood until you own one. Well for me at least; who isn’t big on automobile.
And same goes to house stuff; I […]

Go Green!

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I might not consider myself the greenest person on earth but I am trying to do my bits to save the earth. Well, if it doesn’t go much beyond my way, I would do it.

For example, saying no for a plastic bag; recycling the empty cans and plastic bottles. I am even trying to do […]

 After a couple of years exploring the working world, I find that it can be tough working under others. And the money you earn is usually isn’t enough to have a good lifestyle that everybody wish for. Or so that is what my friend and I decided as we met up last weekend for brunch.
We […]