For the teachers

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 Back in school, I remembered that we always celebrated Teachers’ Day on May. It was a day we show appreciation to our favourite teacher by getting them a small gift. With our little pocket money, it meant quite a lot to us to buy something for the teacher. I always get them a bar of soap, as it is affordable to me, practical and it could be nicely wrapped! 

But there was once I gave the teacher a glass vase, courtesy from my mother! I think it was really a sweet thought although I couldn’t remember which teacher got it now. 

And when a teacher retires, the whole school would chip in for a gift. If she is well liked, we would get something nice such as retirement gifts at Shari’s Berries. Those delightful candies and truffles always bring smiles to their faces and those who was lucky to get a share of the foodie.


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