Good Retirement Planning

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No planning is a bad planning; so I was told when it comes to retirement planning. And too bad that I have bad planning as I have no planning as of now. And I know that it is better to start your retirement planning as early as possible; better yet when you just started working.


But I guess that I am a couple of years too late. I am just confused on what type of retirement plan I should take as there is many investment plan and annuity rates. Every time my colleagues or agents shared a new plan with  me, it always seem too good to be true. But then again, I wasn’t willing to commit yet as I am worried I might not able to pay up every months; what with a car loan and plans for taking long break for working visa.

So yeah, I am still looking for affordable plan that will hardly rip off my wallet now but ensure I will have a comfortable retirement in the future.


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