When both my very old dogs, who were over 10 years old died last year, my parents said they have enough of dogs. Though dogs bring much happiness to our home, it was a lot of work taking care of them. Apart from feeding them, you need to clean them, bring them for a walk and keep them warm and comfortable.

And not only that, you have to deal with them when they are scared over the loud firecrackers during festival seasons and nurse them when they are having mange in dogs by either bringing them to the vet or put the mange control treatment.

And when they are past their prime age, they become old and weak. It is hard and sad to see them unable to walk or eat properly. It was a difficult phase for us as one of the dog even had a hard time getting on her feet. Now that both of them are gone, we will always remember them dearly. But getting another one, no thanks for now.



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