A naughty gift

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I saw something naughty in my cousin brother bag the other day. He came to stay with us for the weekend as he is picking up his girlfriend from the airport who just came back for business trip. And when I asked him what is his plan as he hasn’t been seeing his girlfriend for a month. He said he is getting her a gift and he wouldn’t tell me what it is.

When he was out, he called me as he wanted me to check whether he left his wallet at home as he couldn’t find it. I went into his room and find it in his bag and guess what I saw? A red corsetts with black stripes! Ah, I accidentally saw his naughty gift. No wonder he wouldn’t tell me. And I didn’t bother to ask how her girlfriend like his gift the next day. *grin*

And yes, his wallet was at home; a very careless guy indeed.


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