I was feeling ok this morning but not long after I was in the office, I started to sneeze. And I have been sneezing for the whole day and I hate it!So here are some preventative measures against flu :

-        Getting a flu shot before the flu season begins is always a good idea.

-        Staying […]

How I wish my company trip is going to an island this year instead of going to Angkor Wat. I’ve been there once and I guess one time is more than enough. There is nothing much to see except historical stuff. And I just dislike the hot weather and all the dusty environment.
My friend company […]

I am thinking to change my 8 years car as it has been giving me problem lately. Many of my friends suggested that I buy a second hand car rather than getting a new car as new car loses its values rapidly. It is more cost effective to get a second hand car.
But I am […]

With the blinks on the eyes, we have arrived to the last quarter of the year! Gosh, have I been sleeping my year away? Time has been flying pass so fast. I just wish it would slow down a little and wait for me. Next month is Halloween again and just last year, I told […]

Last week is the official eating-week for me as I attended a wedding dinner, Raya visiting house at my colleagues’ & ex-classmates. I just couldn’t resist the lemang and chicken rendang and helped myself to at least 2 rounds at each houses. The cookies and snacks were irresistible as well!
And it was considered rude not […]

For Chinese tradition, we usually give money in a red packet during wedding dinner to the bride and groom so that they can use it to cover for the wedding dinner reception which usually held in nice restaurant or hotels. The banquet doesn’t come cheap and the amount of money we give depends on the […]