When my mom decided to renovate our kitchen, she wanted a full kitchen cabinet for storage. The cabinet should go high up to the ceiling, she insisted even though my father didn’t agree. See, my mother is a short person. She couldn’t even reach the wall cabinet, not mentioning the higher cabinet near the ceiling.Well, […]

The office has been a little quiet lately. It is only October and people are starting to take vacation! Isn’t it a little early? It used to be during the Christmas time, most people take a long holiday and go somewhere to wind down the year.
But I guess with the affordable flight ticket and accommodation, […]

Sometimes I wondered what would happen to my life now if I have chosen a different path in school. I was offered to 2 colleges after high school; both being very different in profession. I didn’t have much knowledge in both professions and nor were my parents. Thus I didn’t have very good knowledge on […]