As I child, I didn’t have many trophies and awards on my parents’ display cabinet; in fact almost none at all. I was good in studying but didn’t enter many competitions or contest. Sport was something that I was really lousy at; I even tried to escape from the PE class at times. Unlike me, my […]

Plan early. That’s what I always tell myself so that I wont be stuck and rush at the last minute. It is true especially when it comes to special occasion.
To book the restaurant early; to book the hotel for cheaper price, to get a special rate for early birds, etc. And very importantly when planning […]

It was nice surprise to hear from my long time best friend again and she told me that she has just bought a house in
Australia! OMG, I couldn’t stop exclaiming when she showed me the picture of the house.
It was just lovely, gorgeous! I think I fall in love with the house almost instantly […]