I have procrastinating in getting new spectacles for almost a year. And finally when Adam when to the optician, I thought  I should get one too or I’ll never get it done in 5 years.
After a week, I finally when to collect my new glasses. To my horror, the new glasses creaked and squeaked when […]

Last weekend , I was invited to my friend’s party at her new house. I’ve been to her house for only once for house warming but it was pretty empty then.
Now, she got a baby and being a doctor; I think that’s very lucky to be able to take care of your baby and understand […]

One of my favourite childhood games that I hardly see nowadays are yoyo! It is pretty much self-entertaining as long as you have a yoyo in your hand. It always made me occupied for hours trying to do tricks with it.

I haven’t seen a yoyo for long until my friend told me about this cool […]

All my friends know that I am not a big fan of games. And I hardly ever play games as I thought they are a waste of time.
But when I visited my cousin the other day, he introduced me to the best wii gamesthat he has tried. It is just some silly game but […]

How is your Christmas? I bet many people had a great time gathering with friends and families. For me, it is a time to catch up with my sleep and also drama series.

I didn’t have much time for months and thus, it is a good time for me to watch my beloved medical TV drama […]

I am so hungry now. Weekend always messed up my meals timing as I would wake up much later than usual. Usual 9am breakfast would turn into brunch and I would miss lunch entirely.
By late noon around 3pm, I would be very hungry and always eat a huge meal. And I could skip dinner and […]

For me, spring cleaning is a good time to discover the things that you didn’t know you have or the things that you’ve forgotten that you once own them. And I did discover some forgotten items that were buried deep in my drawers.

It’s a good thing to find my Swatch watch again; as I am […]

It is indeed surprising news from my ex-classmate about another friend that is getting married in 2 weeks. Actually she didn’t really inform me but I saw it in the facebook status regarding her getting hitched.
As I know that she wasn’t seeing anyone till nearly the 2nd quarter of this year. And thus I didn’t […]

It’s time of the years again when holidays mood are looming around that you have to drag yourselves to work. Or at least that’s how I usually feel at the end of the year.
And this year is extra special as we are going to organise a Christmas party instead of attending one; albeit a small […]

How many men does it takes to change the lightbulb? I never quite catch this type of joke although I hear it often.

And recently I purchased a steel with 3 rods clothes hangers from Houz Depot. We were contemplating to get the installation service from the store as we do not have many tools like […]

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