How many men does it takes to change the lightbulb? I never quite catch this type of joke although I hear it often.

And recently I purchased a steel with 3 rods clothes hangers from Houz Depot. We were contemplating to get the installation service from the store as we do not have many tools like drill, cutting tools or anything to assemble and put it up. Not to mention the experience! But the price for installation service is almost 50% of the hanger itself which is rather pricey for us.

And thus we manage to borrow a drill and some tools and after a couple of hours, we stood back and admire the new clothes hanger.

That’s when we realized that we have put it upside down! Such a simple work and yet we managed to messed it up. Luckily we just have to remove the bolt and take the thing off before putting it upright again.

So, how many men does it takes to put up a steel clothes hanger?Â


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