Cheap Spectacles

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I have procrastinating in getting new spectacles for almost a year. And finally when Adam when to the optician, I thought  I should get one too or I’ll never get it done in 5 years.

After a week, I finally when to collect my new glasses. To my horror, the new glasses creaked and squeaked when I opened the frames! The optician told me that it is meant to be like that. It is the sound of the frames and the lens rubbing against each other and it is suppose to be ok! He said if the frames and lens are too ‘tight’ together, the middle part will be crooked in long run. What kind of explanation is that and I’ve never heard it before.

I guess it is the Optician Jobs to convince you whenever the glasses are not up to the customer’s expectation. I can’t do anything now but to hope that these fragile glasses will not break easily. And of course, I’ll never go back to the shop again that makes lousy quality of glasses!


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