I am happy to hear that there’s a new mall being developed near my housing area. Passing the development site almost everyday, I didn’t realise that it would be a shopping mall integrated with office building. Actually initially I thought that it is going to be a steel building looking from the design.
Let’s hope they […]

I am appalled when stepping into the office entrance this morning. Unlike the other morning when everything is tidy and clean, the entrance are stacked with boxes and Trade show booth displays.
How irresponsible are those colleagues who moved the stuffs back from the trade show last weekend. Every year, our company participates in the trade […]

I remembered that when I was in school, I wrote many essays on social issues such as drug and alcohol addiction. We always elaborate on why the youth are easily addicted through peer pressures. Then it will be about the effect on one life quality of life and the country’s social image and then how […]

I don’t know if it is aging, but nowadays if I bend down for too long I will feel that my waist is tired and a little painful! Oh, my back. It is not very bad but it is surely something that I did not experience before until lately.
I know that one shouldn’t bend down […]

A colleague of mine has been working from home a lot lately and I thought she looks a bit weak and sad. Initially I thought it was either she or her mom is sick but then today we got an email that her grandma has just passed away.
Another colleagues suggested to get some affordable sympathy […]

One of the tricks that my friend taught me for looking groomed without too much effort is by curling your eye lash. And it works beautifully for her of course as she has this long and thick eye lashes; to much envy of our friends. One will have thought that she uses those effective eye […]

It is only January and I am already getting 3 wedding invitation for this year of 2012. Two is in March and another one is in October; sweet st lucia weddings. Sometimes I just dread the thoughts of going yet another wedding as I’ve too much this year.
But I try to look at it as […]

My friend is in a relationship for so long that she is thinking to get out of it. It has been 7 years since she’s dating with this boyfriend of hers. But according to her, the relationship has been on the same stage for so long that she is feeling a little bored. She wants […]

Today is a special date, the wedding anniversary of my parents! I didn’t know the date that they got married till I asked my parents the other day. They could hardly remember already but gave me an estimated date.
They are married for about 33 years already! And all these years, they didn’t buy one another […]

I am always not a lucky person when it comes to lucky draw or contest. Never had much winning chance in me since as long as I can remembered. Thus when we were having our company annual dinner, I didn’t even hold my breath when the lucky draw was going on.
And they announced the 3rd […]

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