I always have good metabolism that keep my body in shapes for years. But recently I found that I am growing a little tummy. Well, not too little as I would like it to be and finally I understand what AV has always been referring as muffin top! I could see it on my body […]

The first time I heard of steel buildings, I felt that it is a rather weird idea. Why would one wants a steel building and would it generate more heats than normal building?
And my friend said it is quite common to have steel buildings in canada. It is usually for commercial and industrial building and […]

I hate going through the main entrance to the buildings of my office. Every time I walk through it, I felt that I have just walk pass a smoking room. Everyone goes there to smoke as it is forbidden to smoke in the building and thus the heavy stench.
And once I saw my colleagues were […]

It was funny how can a 6 years old kid keep losing their lunch box. Or that is the case with my nephew who again lost his new lunch box last Friday. When asked, he just said he didn’t know where was it and unable to provide the information on when it was last seen […]

Living in a small apartment, my mom told me that I should stop buying stuff. The space I have is very limited but I love buying and collecting stuffs! Whenever I saw something that I fancy, I usually would buy it without much thought if it is affordable to me. And sometimes I just do […]

Eating Fruits~

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I am now trying to incorporate fruits in my diets in the morning. I have read that it is best to take fruits in the morning as it is best for nutrient absorption?  I am not too sure on that yet.
But when I wake up, I try to drink either milk or fruit before I […]

And I thought I am good to go with the rmvb player that I got for about $20 some months ago.  I mean all I need was subtitle for the .avi movies and tv series that I downloaded. I could watch them easily after download vlc player on my computer.
And with the TV, I just […]