Every day, I put on the minimal makeup before going to work. I start with cleansing, toning and moisturizing. After that I use concealer for my eyes which always work to makes me look less tired. Apart from minimal blusher and face powder, I do not use anything else.
The thing is I didn’t quite like […]

I think it is so easy to buy a gift for a woman. You can get anything glittering for the hands, necks or ears. Or else there are the shoes, bags, clothes or flowers. All these usually brings smile to a woman’s face when it comes from the loved ones. But my colleague couldn’t think […]

Once upon a time, when I was still a teenager, I used to have many cassettes tapes for the songs and video tape for movies. It is quite bulky and very space consuming. I have two big drawers just to store all of them.
Then I was glad that we moved to the era of CDs […]

For all the things that I couldn’t have in my current tiny apartment, I wish to have it in my brother’s new house. Well, he hasn’t bought one yet but I think he is thinking to get a house.
And one of the things that I shall get for him is a rustic porch swing. Not […]

Hot Tub!

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I wish I have a hot tub in the house. But all I have for both bathrooms are only showers with shower screens. Though I prefer to take shower on daily basis, I really would love to have a good soak during the weekend.
I’ve been thinking whether I could afford to change a shower to […]

Every time I stepped into the swimming pool at my condominium, I always wondered if the water is cleaned and how long has it been since they changed the water.
My colleague asked me to smell the chlorine and see if the smell is strong. It usually didn’t have very strong chlorine smell like the public […]

What do you do with the party or festive supplies when it is over? Supposing if you buy too many of them or over estimate the needs when you prepare them?
Well, for example now that the Easter is over, I have ‘leftover’ of Easter decorations for parties. I am always overexcited and bought the stuff […]

I didn’t know that we could ask for almost anything in the office as long as it is business related from the receptionist.
My colleague Grace, told me that we could request for any business supplies and as long as it is reasonable, the company will get it for you.In my previous company, they only give […]

One of the things I always observe when I visit another people’s house is the wiring and the switches. I love those who do built-in-wiring and couldn’t really stand those add-on-wiring. I think it looks pretty nasty to have those extra wiring to be on the wall exterior.
I didn’t realize it during my renovation but […]

My master bedroom is the warmest room of all the rooms in my house. In the evening the sun will set at this direction and the room gets direct sunlight.
It makes the room very stuffy and warm in the evening and early night. To prevent the heat, I’ve tried to tint the window. It is […]

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