Speaking about expensive properties in Singapore, I noticed that they do not lack of private condominiums for those who can afford it.
Only those who are citizens and holding the PR status are allowed to buy a HDB flat; and there’s many conditions on top of those too! And I was told that some HDB flats […]

Earn SGD

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It is good to work and earn a living in Singapore as the currency is much stronger than her neighbouring countries. For example, it is 2.45 rate compares to Malaysia! And the cost of living is much lower due to the strong currency.
The only setback is the high property price and the cost of maintaining […]

I am still waiting for him to get up and then we can hit the road back to the hometown. He said he’ll be ready whenever I am when I saw him just waking up this morning. I told him I wasn’t ready and so he slumped into the sofa and snore peacefully away.
And an […]

Car thefts have becoming more common these days that my friend’s car got stolen from her apartment! She parked at her usual parking lot at the guarded apartment that she stays. The next morning when she was going to work, she couldn’t find her car!
At first she thought that she could have forgotten and parked […]

I have made sure that all my rooms are brightly-litted when I was renovating it. I got the brightest ceiling lights that I can get but at the same time making sure that they look presentable. They are the shape of donuts and in white color. I think it looks pretty cool.
But the thing is […]

After much planning and discussion, my colleague Patrick is finally finalizing his trip to New Zealand for end of the year. His plan is to get a trailer so that he could travel around the New Zealand countryside and many places without having to worry about accommodation. It would save time and is comfortable along […]

Each time when I change a job, I would contemplate what to do with the previous company business card of mine. I would have few boxes of unused business card and it would be such a waste to throw them away. They shouldn’t have printed so many boxes at one go even though the price […]

When I mentioned my concern of building muscles if I hit the gym regularly, my smart online friend assured me that females would not develop muscles like guys do. It is due to the presence of testosterones in their body that controls the muscles to be developed.

I am not sure if that is true or […]

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