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When AV and I were having our lunch at Brickfield coffee shop, suddenly a guy from the next table was yelling to another Indian man at another table. They were yelling and shouting at each other angrily!
It was quite noisy and everyone turned to see. AV got a little nervous and was afraid that if […]

Growing up, I seldom go to the clinic. If I caught cold or fever or down with sore throat, my father would usually have medicines in the cabinet for all sort of sickness.
Now, even with medical card from the company, I seldom visit the doctor. Sometimes I would go to the pharmacy to get medicine […]

Cool Gift

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Facebook is really an amazing social media that connects everyone, whether friends or family from across the country or around the world. I have an uncle which I am not very closed to but we recently are connected through Facebook.
He is staying in London and we do not meet much or even communicate often. But […]

When I was young, I was always sick and my parents went to see the special Chinese ‘doctor’. They said that I need to have a god parent! Fancy that! My parents were true believer and asked my aunty to be my godmother. She gladly accepted but I was also a naughty kid. I didn’t understand […]

This morning before I went to work, while getting ready, I ate 7 cherry tomatoes as it was easy to prepare (almost no preparation except washing them). When I get to work, as usual I had my two slices of wholemeal breads with half a cup of coffee (yes, this much I allowed myself for caffeine).
Around […]

I try to drink some milk every morning for every other week but I have heard of so many milk myths that makes me a little doubtful.  But after checking it out, well, some myths are just..well, myths! It is not true.
For example, milk is bad for asthmatics which is definitely not true according to […]

I read on how to strengthen your memory by running through the house that you have been living on previously. And I did. I haven’t had much thought about the house that I stayed till I was about 13 years old.

It was a rented wooden house with two rooms in a small malay village. But […]