I read on how to strengthen your memory by running through the house that you have been living on previously. And I did. I haven’t had much thought about the house that I stayed till I was about 13 years old.

It was a rented wooden house with two rooms in a small malay village. But it has a large porch, fit enough to put my father’s car and bike as well as two little gardens that I love to water my plant. I slept in a room with my mother and siblings and my father slept in another room.

It has narrow living room with beautiful aquarium near the entrance. I loved looking at the many types of fishes my father kept. It was a wonderful memory.
The TV was in my father room but we normally push it out to watch from living room in the afternoon.

Every now and then we get to watch it in the comfort of my father’s room which made me happy. I remember the bathroom too, the only place build on brick which we once sat there when there was a heavy thunderstorm, in the middle of the night.
The only toilet was outside of the house, but still in the house compound. And there was a little place for my mum to sun the clothes.

It was a small house, but the first house I came to know. =)
 It was memory of my childhood.


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