This morning before I went to work, while getting ready, I ate 7 cherry tomatoes as it was easy to prepare (almost no preparation except washing them). When I get to work, as usual I had my two slices of wholemeal breads with half a cup of coffee (yes, this much I allowed myself for caffeine). 

Around 12pm, I walked to the fruit stall and bought a slice of sweet papaya and started munching it.  Around 1pm, I had my lunch; rice with butter mushrooms, vegetarian rending curry and broccoli!That is already at least 3 serving of fruits/vegetables that I had till lunch time. 

If I have another portion of vege for dinner and fruit for after dinner, I guess I would already reach my 5 servings of fruits/vegetables in a day! Yupeee!!!  Of course in between sometimes I do snack on some junk food, sweets for my cravings.  

It isn’t that hard to achieve if you just put a little effort and plan accordingly~!


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