I read a funny joke the other day. What would be the screensaver like for those who stays at tropical climate? It struck to me that they probably have those sunny beaches as their screen saver; those staying in the cold countries.And yeah, we should have the screensaver of snowy cold place to look at […]

Most evening, I can hear children laughter from my condo as there is a playground in front of my balcony. The children as young as one year old never fail to go especially on weekend when it is not raining.
There are swings, see-saw, climbing jungle, etc with soft ground.  The kids love the playground swingsa […]

Four days of holiday was over so quickly! I wasn’t really looking forward the long holiday as I have nothing planned. And I wasn’t so tired that I needed a long break either. But somehow, I did enjoy all the four days!
I spent time with my dear family members; it was quite unplanned as they […]

It is amazing how credit cards have been replacing the normal transaction of cash as it is more convenient and fast.I love using my credit cards which means I could get to collect points to redeem for gift at the end of the year.
But the thing that I really hate about my credit card is […]


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Due to work, I missed one important dinner; a birthday of a housemate and a farewell on another housemate. I really wanted to go and I thought I could make it.
But to my disappointment, I was tight up on work till about 10.30pm when the dinner was over.I didn’t even get to see him on […]

Where do you put all your saving money? A friend asked me yesterday. For me I just put it all in the fixed deposit. I know the interest is low but I am not good at investing. I am actually lazy to learn about the stocks and investment stuff. They are way too boring for […]

My office store room is one big mess as I visited it the first time. I just need to look for a new mouse as mine was broken but hell, it was hard to find anything with the piles of computer appliances and boxes thrown around!
I think it is time for us to get a […]