I am looking for another bag again. I just don’t know what it’s with woman and bag. We just can’t have enough. Like the shoes. Just another pair for a special occasion; or to work; or for the beach.
This time I am looking for a formal bag to carry to the customer site. I felt […]


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I was quite excited with my upcoming travel as I have never been to the country before. But the excitement slowly becomes a little stressed out as I’ve so many pressures from family and friends to get them special souvenirs and many place orders to buy something for them as well!
It is fine if I […]

When I just bought my computer 5 years ago, I was told by my friend that it would probably last for 3 years, the usual lifecycle of a computer nowadays. And after about 3 years, I find that it really has slowed down.
So is it my pc that is not working as efficiently or what? […]