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Yesterday night I asked my housemate when I should be taking my evening primrose oil? Should it be after or before menses. She said it is depending on individual.
After some googling, I find that it is best to take after menses and before ovulation. So what is the benefit of consuming Evening Primrose oil? First, it is […]

I am excited at the prospect of travelling with my company to Korea for company trip. I heard the admin was talking about it with the sales executive and apparently we have some budget for trip this year. And a good one, if you ask me.

Last year, we only travel to Bangkok and […]

One of the quickest to spot sign of aging is your skin. There will be fine lines and not as firm as it used to be. Thus it is important to take care of your skin so it doesn’t age before its’ time.

Few factors that could speed up your aging skin are :

The sun : […]

For 2 months, my company has been talking about moving offices to somewhere with cheaper rental. The rental of the strategic location of our current office cost quite a bomb every month and they want to reduce the expenses.

But the thing is they are still renovating our current office! They have […]

My housemate do detox annually or twice every year by engaging in fruit juice and vegetable juice. I can’t do that as I cannot survive on those even for a couple of days. But do not do a detox if you are :

-       Feeling unwell or jus recovering for an illness, perhaps flu or cold
-       Affected […]

Many of my friends are buying their very first house this recent year. The house prices are doubling like nobody business. I wonder if they will ever go down but I doubt there will be much difference even though it does go down eventually.
Anyway, we are pretty excited of owning a house for […]

The last time I went to my hairstylist, he gave me some useful advices when he saw that I am starting to have hair loss problem at such young age. It probably due to the way I shampoo my hair, using those drugstore shampoo which is too strong for my scalp.
Here are some steps to […]