Shampoo It Right!

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The last time I went to my hairstylist, he gave me some useful advices when he saw that I am starting to have hair loss problem at such young age. It probably due to the way I shampoo my hair, using those drugstore shampoo which is too strong for my scalp. 

Here are some steps to a wonderfully washed hair :

Don’t lather on dry hair, put more water and make sure it is totally wet! 

Apply shampoo only on the scalp and lather. Not the hair ends.

Do NOT scratch your scalp when you lather, but massage gently with the pad of your fingers.

Buy shampoo that is good and nourishing for your hair (not because of the shampoo scent is nice).Well, hope I can have healthier scalp and healthier and lustrous hair! You too!


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