What causes Skin Aging?

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One of the quickest to spot sign of aging is your skin. There will be fine lines and not as firm as it used to be. Thus it is important to take care of your skin so it doesn’t age before its’ time.

Few factors that could speed up your aging skin are :

The sun : The uv rays could damage our skin and accelerates aging! Some of the changes due to sun exposure includes freckles, age spots, rough skins and wrinkles! It is called ‘photoaging” and thus we should limit our exposure and protect our skin from the sun!Facial


: believe it or not, how you mimic your face could lead to more wrinkles! Repetitive facial movements could cause to fine lines and wrinkles.

: I think we can’t help much of this.
Other factors including Sleeping Position and smoking and balanced diet! So live a healthier lifestyle, at least for you skin!


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