Wishing everyone a great New Year ahead!

Lots of good joys, wonderful health and dreams come true!

To me too & my loved ones.. =)


Beauty lies in the eye of beholder.
How true is the proverb! What we may perceive as beauty might be otherwise for the other persons and vice versa.

I guess it is all God’s work so that everything is fair, or almost fair. If everything has the same level of beauty to everyone, […]

I am worried that one day, when I am old, I might have knee problem. My mom has bad knees and she is having difficulty to move around quickly. She still can walk but rather slowly and it helps when she uses a stick or she can hold on to someone.
And I think it could […]

On the way home, I heard an interesting topic on discussion over the radio. It is about the worst gift that you ever received for Christmas. A coach called in to complaint that he always received those baseball coach gifts and he has too many of them in his collection although he is a […]

I think I enjoy buying the stuffs for cooking more than doing the actual cooking on its own. I realized this when my small ladder is full of ingredients for cooking and most of them are either used once or still new!
Example I have all the main ingredients for cooking but I only baked […]

How do I make more money on the side, apart from my full time employment? I always felt that my salary is not really enough as by end of the month I don’t have much left especially after paying all the bills.
I found out from a close colleague that she is running some sort of […]

My company always sends the employees to travel to the client side for projects. And thus, quite many of us has been travelling frequently.
One of the thing about travelling is that you could buy tax free items from the airport regularly. Apart from the alcohol which seems to be the demand of many colleagues here, […]

Every year I will buy my special good friend a present for Christmas and she would buy me one too. But as we stayed in a different country, we sometimes received the gift way earlier or very late. Or sometimes we would pass to a common friend who happens to be going/coming back there/here.
And the […]

Christmas dinner is but over last week. It is on a weekday, not a Friday but on a Thursday! Not too much of a Christmas excitement as we need to work on the day itself and the very next day.
And the Christmas party committee came from our own colleagues who volunteered to organize it. I […]

My friend came over to my place the other day and couldn’t stop telling us on her new job. Well, not exactly new as she has been working for that job for about a year now.
At first, we were surprised by her complete opposite of work nature compare to her previous work. She was a […]

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