This year, we are going to have Christmas party during working hour, the second half of the day. Yipee! There goes half day of toiling at work. Anyway, we got really excited with the theme this year, it is cowboy!
And there is so much excitement going on and discussion on what to wear. And of […]

Last weekend, I went through my thick pile of DVD to find the drama series that my brother wanted. I’ve been downloading TV series for a few years. Instead of deleting those TV series after watching, I burnt a copy to the DVD instead so that I could watch re-run in the future, probably.
But I […]

Since moving in about 2 years ago, I’ve been meaning to buy curtains for my room. I already have a pink one but the thing is that it is not as thick as I wish. As the room is facing the east,

I get very morning sun every single morning! It would be cool to wake […]

A bike?

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Much as we understand the impact of not exercising to health in the long run, I find I very hard to exercise consistently. There was one time that I bought badminton racquets so that we could at least play weekly, or maybe monthly at the hall nearby.
During the month of purchase, we did like a […]

I found a fabulous and yet to easy to make recipe on stuffed avocado (with shrimps). I just watched the video on how to make it and it’s really easy. I have an avocado in my fridge, shall I try it? Here’s how to make it :

For this recipe, you will […]

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