One of the reason that I wish to migrate is to have higher quality of living; more particularly a stronger currency that would enable you to afford better things in life. I am envying my friends who stayed in Singapore to have better travelling-power to many countries, a friend who is Canada who could afford […]

A trip success is not fully on the destination chose but the most important thing is the participants. I realized that after I joined a few trips which suppose to be good one but wasn’t as fantastic due to the people that went with me.

I realized no matter where you for a holiday, as long […]

One of the fastest ways to get to know a stranger is through a trip or holiday with them.
I have known quite many new friends through travelling together. They are either my ex-colleagues which I have barely spoken to, some friends of my friends or perhaps stranger in the same tour group.


My brother is finally renovating his house after months of procrastinating. My parents have been nagging, not at him but at me. They wanted me to speak to my brother and help him to start renovating for the Chinese New Year.
And I couldn’t be happier that finally the renovation has started without my […]

Whenever I travel to somewhere new, an ex-colleague of mine will ask me to get her all the coins of the foreign country. Apparently her beloved son likes coins and she is trying to instil the habit of collecting coins for him. He is almost 8 years old now and are always fascinated by the […]

Although I have been only working for merely 5 years, I find that it is really tiring to be working every single day. I am thinking that maybe I should start my very own business.

A friend of mine who has been working for 12 years finally has enough capital to open a restaurant! He has […]

The electric bill prices are going up as well after they announced the increased of petrol price. I think we could save more electricity within my household as there are five of us. Things that we could do to save more electricity :

-        have less warm shower

-        wash clothes less frequent (more clothes in one […]