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When I stepped down at the Masjid Jamek train station, I saw fruits stalls. The usuals grapes, oranges, apples and lychees. But something else caught my attention. Cherries! It was around RM6 per 100gram and I couldn’t help but buy a 100 gram to try. I love cherries too, especially the fresh ones. It was […]

Today I wake up with uncomfortable throat and my nose is still runny. Oh, I felt a little worse than yesterday but not too sick to not report to work.
I need to take more care on myself and minimize the effect of cold. Here’s how :
· Isolate yourself from others so you won’t pass it […]

Last weekend, we visited a friend’s house who just got married. She moved in to the house with the new hubby for less than a month.

We were really awed by the design of her house and the investment of her renovation. From the ceiling to the floor to the furniture, everything seems to be of […]

My colleague made me felt bad about the amount of high-cholesterol-food that I am consuming and how I love them! She keeps stressing and giving me ideas on how I could lower them again.

And feeling guilty, I had oat for dinner tonight.  I tried to make it more watery as I couldn’t bear the thick and […]

Old books

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The other day as I was cleaning my room, I found many of my old books from school and college. I was contemplating on what to do with them; either to go on keeping them or discard them or the possibility to donate them to the charity. But I am not sure whether after a […]

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I read about an interesting article today on Cleo magazine. It is about having your own identity. I guess that the article is right about us identifying ourselves based on our career; on what we do for a living.
Without it, many of us are confuse of our identity as other role. I think it makes […]