Down With Cold!

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Today I wake up with uncomfortable throat and my nose is still runny. Oh, I felt a little worse than yesterday but not too sick to not report to work.
I need to take more care on myself and minimize the effect of cold. Here’s how :

· Isolate yourself from others so you won’t pass it on. Colds are very contagious. (that’s how I got my cold!)

· Drink extra liquids (water, tea, juices, or chicken soup) to avoid dehydration.

· Gargle with warm salt water to soothe your sore throat pain as this will shrink the mucous membranes in your throat and decrease the pain from inflammation.

· Take extra vitamin C, which may shorten the duration of your cold.

· Take hot showers to relieve nasal stuffiness. Steam will shrink the mucous membranes in your nose and throat and aid mucus drainage.

· Take an antihistamine to reduce sneezing and runny nose.

· Use a nasal-decongestant spray for 3 days or less to avoid the rebound effect, which may cause increased congestion later.

· Wash your hands frequently. This will prevent the spread of your cold to others.

· Use tissues instead of handkerchiefs to avoid spreading germs.

· Slow down a little. Rest when you get home from work or school

· Get extra sleep. Your body needs more rest as it fights off the infection.  


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  1. TZ on November 14th, 2008 1:56 am

    Take a good rest and get well soon eh! :->

  2. Fluffy~ on November 15th, 2008 10:52 am

    Thanks, TZ!

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