My father has slight sugar in his blood when he checked at the hospital the other day. Thus he is consuming java tea which could help to balance the sugar in his blood especially after his meal and full of benefits!

He gave me some of the java tea leaves so I could make it as […]

If there is anything that I believe in, it is having a comfortable seat with excellent support the back. A chair pad. I always have a chair cushion for comfort, whether in the office or at home and even in the car. When travel, I was sure to bring along an air pillow […]

Not the one that throw stuff away, I have a cabinet full of broken things, be it electronic or simple furniture. As my house is getting full now, I am thinking to get rid of them for good. My friend suggested that I should send some for appliance repair as it could cost […]

I used to buy cheap custom sun glasses as I do not see the points of spending hundreds for a pair of expensive sun glasses. After all if it prevent UV and is dark enough to be comfortable for the eyes, what else do you need?

Last year, I finally invested in […]

There is just never ending sales in all shopping malls even though the economy is so bad!

There is Christmas sales, end of the year sales, new year sales and the coming Chinese new year sales! I am trying to resist all the temptation by not visiting those malls!

It is […]

I met Cloudy’s husband recently, John. Although I have met him long time ago, this is the first time that I really got to know him well through many conversations, of course with her around.

And he wasn’t the man that I thought he was. He is actually a man with […]