My Aging Eyes!

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Since young, I always look younger than my age and I get many compliments about my look. Even today, at late twenties, I still have new acquaintance thinks I am only in my early twenties. It is happier to hear this than few years back, now that age matters!
But lately, when I look into the […]

I never thought that I will need a dishwasher at home. After all there is only less than 4 people in the house at one time and we hardly cook or eat at home as well. Only once or twice a year, we will throw a party and invite some friends over. Usually […]

Dispel Wind~

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The other day I have bad indigestion after my heavy lunch. I felt that there was a lot of wind in my body and yet it was difficult to get them out. Thus I went to Guardian pharmacy and bought a few sachets of Eno to relief indigestion.
I found one with Ginger flavor that could […]