This morning before I went to work, while getting ready, I ate 7 cherry tomatoes as it was easy to prepare (almost no preparation except washing them). When I get to work, as usual I had my two slices of wholemeal breads with half a cup of coffee (yes, this much I allowed myself for caffeine).
Around […]

Last weekend was a huge shopping event for us as we have spent over 4 digits! I don’t remember shopping this much except for the time that we were moving in to new house.

Everything was seems to be on sales and it is so tempting to get another pants, shoes and even bag! […]

My Lappie

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Little did I realised that I have been having my little Dell laptop for over 6 years! I didn’t thought the little investment will last me so long and serve me so well all these years. Actually it is still in good condition even though the monitor is slightly tilted to the back […]

I do not like to eat oats though I was advised to take it daily as my bad cholesterol is much higher than expected for my age. I hate drinking fresh milk too as I do not like the taste as well. I thought it is better to take supplement.

But lately I found something that […]

How to care for your nails so that they don’t chip and becomes weak? Here are some steps in protecting your nails so that it is beautiful, healthy and strong.

-        Do not use it as staple remover, scraper or tool.

-        Don’t use nail to dial number on the phone.

-        Wear cotton lined gloves when doing […]


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I didn’t thought I would get the offer at the company that I applied last month. My friend just suddenly shared this opportunity to me as her cousin’s company was hiring.

So out of the spur, I just applied for fun and was pleasantly surprised to get a call for the offer […]

There is a part of my face which I think is very unimportant, or so I thought. Whenever I look into the mirror or when I see other people face, I never set my eyes on that feature. Which makes me think everyone thought the same.

Apparently not. Many said it is an important feature of […]

Last weekend, I finally did a spring cleaning on my shoes. The shoes cabinet couldn’t fit in all my shoes and even the shoes shelves are full. I decided that it is time to get rid of the old shoes and the shoes that I seldom wear.

I was still keeping shoes […]

Recently I was tempted to get a blood pressure monitor for my parents as my mother has high blood pressure and my father has low blood pressure. This way they could monitor their blood pressure regularly without having to go to the clinic.

However my doctor friend told me that he is […]

I try to drink some milk every morning for every other week but I have heard of so many milk myths that makes me a little doubtful.  But after checking it out, well, some myths are just..well, myths! It is not true.

For example, milk is bad for asthmatics which is definitely not true according to […]

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