Recently I was tempted to get a blood pressure monitor for my parents as my mother has high blood pressure and my father has low blood pressure. This way they could monitor their blood pressure regularly without having to go to the clinic.

However my doctor friend told me that he is […]

I try to drink some milk every morning for every other week but I have heard of so many milk myths that makes me a little doubtful.  But after checking it out, well, some myths are just..well, myths! It is not true.

For example, milk is bad for asthmatics which is definitely not true according to […]

Looking at the daily requirement of vitamins and minerals that our body need, I do not think that I can achieve all of them by my normal diet. This is why I am taking additional supplements in my daily intake, with the hope that I have enough to provide for my body.
 I normally take multivitamin, […]