Looking at the daily requirement of vitamins and minerals that our body need, I do not think that I can achieve all of them by my normal diet. This is why I am taking additional supplements in my daily intake, with the hope that I have enough to provide for my body.
 I normally take multivitamin, […]

I remembered last time when I was working as a support, I have to visit the customer quite often. I would need to bring my laptop for demo to them and thus would always lug a briefcase around. Back then, I had a very professional looking briefcase that I bought it online from […]

With the gold price plumping down these few weeks, it is certainly time to invest in gold. I’ve never done any investment before and I am not sure how to start. What is the best way to buy gold?

My brother buys gold from the bank and he gets sort of a […]

The gold price has dropped much to the delight of my fellow friends who is planning to invest in gold. I haven’t much information about gold price and how it is affected by the market.

For a start, you need quite a hefty capital to invest in gold; gold bars in particular. […]

Most women knows what is SPF, which stands for Sun Protection Factor. But what is it really means and how is it measured?

The number indicates how long it takes before sunburn occurs. Some volunteers are needed to do the experiments where they are exposed to light spectrum which mimic the noontime sun.
Some volunteers will wear sunscreen […]

On the way to work today, I saw a car banged into a divider in the middle of the highway and the car behind was too late to stop and rammed into the first car. I guess it is due to speeding during rainy day and the road is very slippery.

And my friend in another […]


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I like my flexible working hour job which let me work at whatever times that suit me. Well, at least if it is at reasonable hours and I work for 8 hours. Today I have to attend a survey for yogurt which started at 7pm. I normally work from 9.30am to 6.30pm to avoid the […]

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