I have a laptop and another large monitor on my desk at the office. This is the first time that I really make use of the monitor by extending the display of my laptop screen. Prior to this, I have either 2 desktops or an extra monitor as well but I hardly use it.
But now […]

My friend finally got key to her new house after she purchased it 3 years ago. Surprisingly the project did not delay and in fact they are about a month earlier than the expected development date. Now she is frantically looking for ideas and contacts for contractors for renovation.
She also came out with a list […]


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My friend just joined a new company and within a week, she is sent to UK for training at the company’s headquarter. She knew about the travel during the interview itself and thus, convinced them extra hard to give her the job.

And before she join the company, she already has a list of […]

I’ve only been to other countries in winter for two times but the other day when I was cleaning up my wardrobe, I realised that I have one too many winter jackets. One is the water proof blue color jacket, another white comfy one which is my favourite, another light blue with dawn […]

New Car

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My colleague is getting a new car. The car is supposed to arrive 2 weeks ago on a Friday. But they told her there were some issues with the custom. Thus it will be delayed and will probably arrive in a week.

After a week, she was told that some of the toyota parts […]

Today there’s news that the fresh ground concrete which wasn’t dried up was not properly warned to the public and somehow it caused some people to be injured. I didn’t hear the exact news on how it happens but i reminded me of the striping paint on the school field when I […]