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Every morning I pass by a row of shop on the way from the parking to the office. The shops are usually still closed when I pass by around 9.30am –ish. So I will peer into the shops every morning just to see what are they selling.
One day, I spotted a cool ukulele […]

I am a coffee person. Every morning I need a cup of coffee to kick off my day before I am able to do any serious job. Or else, I am almost wasted!

My dependent on caffeine seems to be getting worse now as I sometimes need a second fix after […]


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My friend business has gone downhill with the change of government policies. He has been relying heavily on getting business from the government sectors for years. But too bad, the time has come where he has to look for different opportunities.
This means that he has to strengthen his marketing to promote more on […]

Sometimes in life, there is only room for one. Thus we need to choose what is the one that we really want. It is about options and decision.
It might not even be the right decision. But we will never know until we choose it.
But always remember : When you gain something, you lost something.
(A useful […]

My idea of a good night is prawn crackers with some vodka and good movies. But for Adam, he just need a beer and he is as happy as could be. But the thing is the beer price is not getting any cheaper especially when his intake volume has increased and the quality expectation has […]


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My friend and I has been planning to go to a yoga trial class for about a month now. But every time we set a date, something came out and we had to cancel. The first time was she has to go for another appointment about mutual fund. Next, her grandmother fell and was admitted […]