I am on my new mission to walk 10k steps a day. It is a program for lazy, I mean busy people like me that do not have time to exercise.
And so I have bought myself a pedometer which I strapped on my pants everyday to calculate how many steps I have taken. I bought […]

After splurging on a dinner dress and 2 gorgeous tops yesterday, I thought that I should stay at home today to minimise my spending. However, due to the blazing hot weather, we went to the mall for lunch and I was tempted to spend more!
There were some decor on sale from recent festival and I […]


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It is another week before my holiday! It is the only holiday for this year and I am going with my family! Initially I wanted to visit the beach and stay at the chalets but they were not so keen.
I wasn’t too excited about their choice of destination but now I couldn’t help but […]

When considering for the specs for a new desktop, I always look at the processor and memory; sometimes the monitor as well. but one of the thing that I hardly given much thought is the speaker and the softwares.
I always thought that it wouldn’t do much different to me as I am not good in […]


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We always pass by this small lane when we go to get our lunch at one of the café near to our office. It is a little hilly and every time I pass by, I couldn’t stop wondering about this parking in the building. It is not the usual basement parking but it […]

Shop Lot

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Every day when I drive home, I saw the construction of some new shop lots. Finally the construction is ending and I see shop owners are starting to renovate the shops. We are excited to find out what shops will be opened near our house. Will it be restaurants, or pubs or banks or maybe […]

I saw the cute kitten and its mommy cat in the morning when I put my clothes out for sun. The little playful kitten was content playing with a piece of dry leaves while the mommy cat watching it carefully.
In the early evening after I came back from late lunch, as I walked to my […]

Before I moved into my condo, I always thought of getting a small little fountain to put at the corner of my balcony. I like to look at fountain and the sound of water and ideally I would like to have outdoor fountains with pools but it isn’t possible without a big garden. […]

I have been using my hometown mattress for almost 15 years, since I moved in to the house. I remembered my parents bought it from the lorry that roam around selling mattress. Thus the quality wasn’t a good one.

For the first few years we moved into the house, I slept on a lower bunk of […]