My Old Mattress..

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I have been using my hometown mattress for almost 15 years, since I moved in to the house. I remembered my parents bought it from the lorry that roam around selling mattress. Thus the quality wasn’t a good one.

For the first few years we moved into the house, I slept on a lower bunk of double decker bed. As the weather was hot, I couldn’t really feel the wind from the ceiling fan as the upper bunk was hindering the wind from getting to my body.
Thus I slept at one side of the mattress, the outer part as it was warmer on the inside.After a couple of years, one side of the mattress is flattened while the other side is not which made the mattress uneven.
I have not slept under on the double decker bed for a long time as we have dismantle it, both side by side now. But I was still using the uncomfy mattress for a long time, many years to come.

My mother called me just now and told me that she has replaced the mattress for me with a good quality mattress! I am happy to hear that and felt touch that she cares after all. =)


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