Poor Kitty

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I saw the cute kitten and its mommy cat in the morning when I put my clothes out for sun. The little playful kitten was content playing with a piece of dry leaves while the mommy cat watching it carefully. 

In the early evening after I came back from late lunch, as I walked to my house I saw the kitten lying still on the porch. At first I thought that it was dead. I walked nearer and saw some blood stain nearby. Watching intently at the stomach for sign of breathing, I was still hoping that it was just sleeping. But evidently it was dead. Still. 

I felt sorry for the kitten which must have been under the car when it moved; apparently unaware by the driver. A young life, which was still happy a few hours ago, now lying lifelessly on my porch.  

And the poor mommy cat seems to be lingering around, looking for her lost kitten. Life couldn’t be more unpredictable..


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