An exciting news broke among relatives last weekend when we found out that a cousin is pregnant. And the thing is she is not married yet! There are many speculations on who is the father for the baby as the girl has been quite open and seeing many guys.

Her mother suggested […]


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I have to take the bus to work the other day when my car decided to break down! It was at the most inauspicious moment as I have early meeting at work that day! It was rather unnerving to hear the talk of the passengers in the bus.

Two ladies were discussing […]


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Yesterday as I had my favourite crab dinner in a neighborhood restaurant, I saw an old lady walked very slowly out of the restaurant. She was using knee walkers on her own and it seems to be quiet efficient. Her relatives were following behind her closely and supporting her.
It seems like a good tool and […]

Red Wine

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Red wine is beneficial for human in protecting against heart disease as much as 30% to 50%! Study has also shown that it could prevent the forming of bad cholesterol (LDL) and raise the good cholesterol (HDL) as well as prevent blood clotting.
Red wine is also high in antioxidant flavonoid that is useful in fighting […]

As I went through the cabinet under the gas stove, I found out that I have many leftover of materials from my house renovation about 2 years ago. There are many pails of paints which are still in good condition. There’s also an EpoxySet which was left behind by the contractor. I kept them just […]


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Adam and I have been really considering getting another property. As the property price has been soaring for the last few years, we felt that if we do not get one now, we will never be able to afford another house in next 5 or 10 years time.

We went to see […]

Every weekend there seems to be a new area in my house that needs extra attention to clean up or to reorganize. Last week I rearranged my dressing table’s messy drawer and this week was the chest drawers in the living room.
Now after I cleared up the mess of the drawers, I already know what […]

One of the attractive point of working near the shopping mall is you can always buy things at your convenience. However, it is very tempting to spend when they are having sales; which happens once too often!

Tangs is having presales today and tomorrow is Isetan. It makes you buy stuffs that you do not even […]


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I thought I could get away so easily when my young cousin brother requested for drum sticks for his coming birthday. Well, the first thought that ran through my mind was chicken!
Apparently it has nothing to do with food but with his new music passion. He wants a drum sticks for his new drum that […]


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Last weekend I was invited to a friend house for house warming. She just moved in after all the renovation recently and pretty excited about her new home.
I really like her kitchen cabinet and living room designs. She even has a cabinet to store all her recent wedding gifts which look pretty lovely. There’s also a guest […]

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